About Kikimora:
Baba Yaga may be the more familiar moniker of Slavic folklore. She appears as a ferocious-looking woman, flies around in a mortar with a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs. We fancied to peer more remotely into Russian folklore and found Kikimora who is not unlike the aforementioned spirit, but more fitting for a feast consumed with compatriots. Chef Rosemary Fisher fell in love with food as a direct result of the grandmothers in her life. Of Russian heritage, the home and hearth were fundamental to her upbringing, and she seeks to venerate the keepers of the home with this feast. Kikimora is a mystical being; a female house spirit in Slavic mythology. When a Kikimora dwells in a house, she lives behind the stove or in the cellar and usually offers noises akin to mice. She holds dominion over spinning, weaving, and needlework. Theoretically, every household may have one. If she is happy with the family with whom she lives, she will serve as their guardian; helping with housework and needlework. In the Legend of Kikimora, a poem by Anatoly Lyadov, it is written that she “grows up with a magician in the mountains. From dawn to sunset the magician’s cat regales Kikimora with fantastic tales of ancient times and faraway places, as Kikimora rocks in a cradle made of crystal.” It takes her seven years to reach maturity, by which time her head is no larger than a thimble and her body no broader than a strand of straw. The spirit is not without her dark side. It is a good idea to appease her for sure. We feel cautious and confident that by paying heed to her, by invoking her for this event, she will be content with our banquet. Besides, she gets all the milk and honey she wants.

About Chef Rose Fischer:
Little Rosie always had food in her hands. From picking berries in the garden to sneaking spoonfuls of sauce, the girl loved to eat. Eating was something that her maternal grandmothers adored about her; while other cousins might have been a little squeamish about certain delicacies issuing out of Grandma Pearl’s kitchen, Rose was the first to dig in. As she matured, so did her interest in food. At a certain point, Rose recognized that a fine arts degree was far less appealing than the glamorous life of a professional cook (which is a hilarious joke), so she executed an about-face to follow the food. Treated to a crash course in the restaurant world at Cafe Fanny (Berkeley), Mead Hall (Boston, where Rose cut her teeth as the youngest and only female member of the team), as sous chef at Town Hall (SF), and chef de partie at Lazy Bear (SF), Rose had hit her stride. So even when circumstance drew her away from the Michelin world faster than she may have liked, the stars were nevertheless aligned. From there, Rose went on to Ramen Shop, a Chez Panisse affiliate, and then magically to Nevada City where she has already cooked in the kitchen of New Moon Cafe and is currently bartending at the Stonehouse. It feels as though years have passed since the inception of this menu honoring her heritage. The opportunity to sanctify her grandmothers’ reverence of the hearth is profoundly fulfilling, and she is eager to bestow her Russian cuisine to the community of this enchanting place. Na Zdorovie!

About Sheila Cameron:
Artist and writer, Sheila Cameron, left mainstream entertainment to focus on art and family in 2005. Executive and producing positions at companies like HBO, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s LivePlanet, MTV, American Photo Magazine and gives her painting and digital engagement a unique perspective. She generated worldwide attention with the FREE KATIE site and t-shirts and broke down barriers between art worlds with her online only, solo show and auction, “Jerry Saltz Personally Invited Me to Hell and I’m going.” She received her BA in Fine Art and Writing from Loyola University in Maryland and continues to explore the role of fine art in entertainment, social media, and activism from her home studio in Nevada City, California. She keeps personal and professional ties with Los Angeles, the city where she spent most of her life. Since the presidential election of 2016, she has used her skills to advocate for women’s issues through Indivisible Women Nevada County and as organizer of The Women’s March Sacramento. She is a founding member of DANK a collective in Nevada City, California.

About Isadora:
Isadora brings traditions of Eastern European music to her hometown in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s. Influenced by Klezmer, Roma and American Blues, Isadora’s voice resonates with the reeds of her accordion in an earthy and earnest tone. Her original compositions bring playful lyrics with an eastern flavor, blending with the traditional and standard tunes she sings in English, Yiddish, French, Greek, and Dutch. Isadora helps to transport her listeners to another place with her musical performance.

About The Child Advocates of Nevada County:
Child Advocates of Nevada County is a private, non-profit agency that operates programs in support of vulnerable children and families, including the CASA program, and Healthy Babies program. The CASA program trains volunteers to serve as mentors and advocates for our community’s most vulnerable children, those removed from their homes due to severe abuse or neglect. CASAs develop trusting, safe, and supportive relationships with their assigned child. They attend court hearings and advocate for the foster child’s best interests by submitting court reports to the judge and working in partnership with adoptive parents, social workers, teachers, and other adults engaged in the child’s life to promote the child’s best interests. The Healthy Babies program is a child abuse prevention strategy that assigns trained and accredited home visitors to support at-risk pregnant women by providing weekly home visits for the first five years of their child’s life. Home visitors provide crucial information about child development, infant health and safety, nutrition, and referrals to community services as needed to provide struggling families with the tools and knowledge they need to be healthy and robust. Child Advocates is thrilled to partner with Polly’s Paladar to promote healthy children, healthy families, and a healthy community for all of Nevada County.

About The Olive Groove:
The Olive Groove, located at 126 Mill Street in downtown Grass Valley, specializes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegars, Salts, Spices, and Teas; all elements that contribute to a healthy and delicious diet. Most days you can find owners, Jake and Christina West, at the shop, sharing their passion for healthy eating and serving up complimentary tastings. They love supporting local makers, artisans, and farmers through the choices they make with their business, making Polly’s Paladar a perfect partner. Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. To learn more or place an order visit

About The Wooden Spoon:
The Wooden Spoon has been the Gold Country’s favorite kitchen store for almost 40 years. We’re still locally owned and operated, and we’re seen by many as a vital part of our community. We started out as a funky little storefront in downtown Grass Valley. Today, we’re practically an institution– a real destination for all things culinary. Centrally located between Grass Valley and Nevada City, we’re the go-to place for home cooks, culinary adventurers, and professional chefs. We genuinely are A Toy Store for Cooks. Stop by and see why.

About Wheyward Girl Creamery:
Barbara Jenness, the owner of Wheyward Girl Creamery, is an award-winning master cheesemaker, member of the American Cheese Society, and an ACS CCP. (American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional). Her whole staff enjoys imparting cheese consciousness to their shoppers. It’s a way of life. Stepping into their little space and inhaling the aroma of Formaggio can make anyone with a brain, salivate for inevitable samples sliced right there. They even have suggestions for pairings and cheese plates. Do yourself a flavor, stroll into their shop and tell them Megan sent you.

Thanks to all of the generous Paladar members who have chosen to participate in the quest to lower the seat prices at Polly’s Paladar! The first goal is to generate $1000/month using the patronage platform, PATREON.COM. We are 10% funded! This income will go directly toward making seat prices lower which will open up the supper club experience to more people. The costs are rising! Consider giving us as little as $1/month. Read this: If 17% of followers who love Polly’s Paladar (in all of our platforms combined) gave $1/month, we could lower prices dramatically. That is incredibly do-able! There are some great rewards as well. Patrons can hear interviews recorded with past chefs, see menus before anyone else, get a free beverage at Paladars, and even grab some house-made shrubs. We also have a reward to receive VIP access to early ticket releases! Also, for the die-hards, we have a tier giving automatic seats and drinks to every Paladar as long as the donation is active!

No Phone Policy:
A word about phones. I use mine a lot. Too much, perhaps. The argument for or against is a mute point as far as I am concerned. However, the reasoning behind wishing for an interpersonal connection and a desire for my guests to completely relax in the present moment when they are at my supper club holds water. I will do my job and hire the photographer to take the pretty pictures. I will promote the Paladar as best I can during an event, and I want you to do the same. Food aficionados take photos of their meals. It’s fun. It’s real. It’s a thing. I get it. I love it when the supper club is tagged on someone’s social media because it gives me a chance to view their experience from their perspective. In over six years, I have been blessed to sit at one Paladar long ago, and it was terrific! I want to propose not necessarily a “no-phone zone,” but perhaps a “less phone zone.” Give it a try! It’s okay to keep the mystery alive at Polly’s Paladar!

About Babysitting:
Babysitting is available at the Saturday, August 18th, 5pm seating for those of you who have littles. The cost is $10/kid/hour. We have two of the sweetest, funnest, and silliest teenagers in the world who will play with your kid (most any age) right upstairs while you dine. How fun is that? Bella Davis and Amani Mudd (both 15). Please email [email protected] to reserve this extra service.

As always, No refunds and no tipping!

You can win two seats to #KIKIMORA by following these rules:

1. Follow us on Instagram at @pollyspaladar.

2. Tag as many friends as you want in the comments. You get your name in the hat for EACH one!

3. For extra credit, #regram this photo to your account and your entries DOUBLE! Remember to add the hashtag, #pollyspaladarseatcontest so that I can see it! If you have a private page and I can’t see it, DM me.

If you see this on any other social media platform other than Instagram, pop on over, because this is where the contest is. Comments on #twitter or #facebook will NOT count!
The seats are a $160 value! Taxes and fees do not apply, but they don’t add up to THAT much either. This special dining event is going to be super fun! Ready, set, go!


Oyster: vodka, dill, Meyer lemon, purslane
Caviar: Chive potato chip, smetka (or tvorog), borage
Pickled herring: Tomato conserva, barley chip, shaved yolk

Pickles: fermented dill, fermented potato, Meyer turnips, sour cabbage, chanterelles

Knish: Sauerkraut, caraway, gold leaf
Cucumber: Dill, Smetana, preserved lemon

Borscht on Black bread
Pelmeni trio: Braised pork, herbed potato, and farmers cheese
Gotlubsky: Beef, cabbage, allium
Stroganoff: Coal roasted roots, egg noodle, porcini, beef tongue

Chak-chak pu’er, pistachio
Macaron: Cinnamon, grapefruit
Petit four Charcoal, rose

Allowable dietary preferences:
Gluten free


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