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We wanted a challenge, and found one! When Sean Dockery and Craig Day approached me about a Paladar, they were clear on one thing. They wanted every morsel of product to originate from this area. They aspired to do a “local foods feast.” Now, I’m very pro-regional food and supporting farmers. I’m ALL about the symbiotic relationship forged when we choose to nourish our bones with food grown on the land where we live. I’m 100% in. In fact, I’m SO sold on it, that we kinda already DO it. What they pitched to me was something the Paladar already implements, so it didn’t feel very distinctive or unusual. Paladars need to have a feeling of uniqueness to differentiate them. So, I started to wonder what the definition of local is. Was there a mile marker? Was it based on county lines? City lines? What makes something classify concretely as a local food?  The internet told me a lot of random things, but never a right mile marker, which was what I wanted. So, we made it up. I pulled out a map (not the cute one photographed here though), found Polly’s Paladar on it and drew a 50-mile radius to get an idea of what that looked like. Honestly, it’s really far as the crow flies, and I was surprised! I pitched the concept, and our talented/crazy chefs agreed. Farms, we have aplenty. Ranches, no problem. Orchards, herb gardens, and vineyards? Easy! The only obstacles were two of the most critical flavor profiles of all, vinegar and salt. Luckily, in the case of acid, I remembered that long ago, I made a considerable amount of left-over local merlot (originating within 50-mile skirt) into vinegar and now it’s perfect.  Salt is another issue to solve for the future, but I have no doubt that the 50 MILES team will have that handled in no time.
I can’t wait to have you in my home.

See you at the table,
Megan Hart

pork liver mousse, country-style pork terrine, country-style bread, pickled vegetable
fried green tomato and pardon; tomato, beet, cucumber salad, savory, pickled serrano
empanada of delicata squash, fresh cheese, and smoked chili sauce; herb salad
pork three ways: whole loin ham, grilled pork belly, case sausage, sugo
pork pop-over, ricotta, fig, peach sauce

Guests who prefer a dairy free dinner may request one on the ticket link.
However, we will kindly decline any other substitutions to the menu for this event. NO WALK-IN MENU CHANGES


About Sean Dockery: Growing up in Northern California, Sean is influenced by the sense of culinary identity found in many regions around the world. He received a degree in Environmental Science from Humboldt State University,where he studied permaculture, local economy, and sustainable food systems. Sean studied charcuterie and butchery at DOPO restaurant in Oakland, before starting work at their sister restaurant, Adesso, where Sean cooked for years before moving back to Nevada County.

About Craig Day: Craig Day is a chef born and raised in the pacific northwest and has been cooking for 18 plus years. He is influenced by fresh local ingredients that allow him to create food that is simple and enables the ingredients to do the talking. He has spent time in Oregon, New Mexico, California, Colorado and Washington and they all show up in the food Craig creates. He is Classically French trained, but lives by the words of his mentor Vitaly Paley follow no rules.

About Ruth Chase: Ruth Chase lives and works in Nevada County. In 2017 Ruth completed the West of Lincoln Project that was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for Art in Action, as well as a grant to an individual artist from the Carl Jacobs Foundation. She was granted a residency at the Millay Colony for the Artsin NY, was published in Professional Artist Magazine, Catapult Art Magazine and Huffington Post, and has taught at the Crocker Art Museum. She was a featured sketch artist on the Dead Files TV program, most recently she was awarded an Artist in Residence at Nevada County Arts for Artist Activating Communities through a grant from the California Arts Council for BELONGING and I AM HERE, Ruth is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute.  Artist Statement: My work documents the human spirit and the powerful insights that allow people to find a sense of belonging within their community. The public plays a vital role in the outcome of my work, taking a journey with me that can last up to two years. I produce multi-media installations that include paintings, audio, social media, slideshows, video, and social engagement. Self-aware subjects with robust belief systems fascinate me and draw me in.

About Nick Fedoroff: From coast to coast and country to country, magician Nick Fedoroff’s theater performances are held in venues large and small. We are so lucky to have him. He offers a little bit of mentalism and an unending supply of illusions, balancing it all with a sprinkling of humor and an abundance of audience interaction. His shows appeal to all ages. A master of elegant old-school magic enhanced with a contemporary spin, Fedoroff has a style that appears effortless and graceful. His deft manipulation of cards and coins is nothing short of mesmerizing, and he consistently dazzles audiences with his talent and skill. An impeccable sense of timing and a delightful dash of humor round out his performances and elevate them to extraordinary heights. The perfect addition to dinner. Moreover, when you think you have seen it all, he sends you spinning out again into a world where nothing is entirely what it seems. It feels as though our two chefs are making something from nothing (as if by magic), so I called upon our local magic maker, Nick Fedoroff who managed to successfully pull off one of the most challenging card tricks that I have ever seen for one of our servers at a Paladar. And he was blindfolded. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s THAT good.

About the Child Advocates of Nevada County:
Child Advocates of Nevada County is a private, non-profit agency that operates programs in support of vulnerable children and families, including the CASA program, and Healthy Babies program. The CASA program trains volunteers to serve as mentors and advocates for our community’s most vulnerable children, those removed from their homes due to severe abuse or neglect. CASAs develop trusting, safe, and supportive relationships with their assigned child. They attend court hearings and advocate for the foster child’s best interests by submitting court reports to the judge and working in partnership with adoptive parents, social workers, teachers, and other adults engaged in the child’s life to promote the child’s best interests.  The Healthy Babies program is a child abuse prevention strategy that assigns trained and accredited home visitors to support at-risk pregnant women by providing weekly home visits for the first five years of their child’s life. Home visitors provide crucial information about child development, infant health and safety, nutrition, and referrals to community services as needed to provide struggling families with the tools and knowledge they need to be healthy and robust. Child Advocates is thrilled to partner with Polly’s Paladar to promote healthy children, healthy families, and a healthy community for all of Nevada County.

Some of the wines we will be serving have just been featured in a fantastic article in the SF Chronicle this week. We are, affectionately, referring to them at “Cult Wines“.
Proceeds go to the Child Advocates of Nevada County.
More wine tasting is happening through the month to bring you the best of the best.
Not a shitty job.

Read the article


(by request)

Amani Mudd (16) and Bella Davis (15) are two of the best teenagers on planet Earth. They are both available to babysit at any seating. I repeat, ANY SEATING! Please email [email protected] to request this extra service for the kiddos. Dine downstairs, and right upstairs, your little one/s will be swept away to the land of fun and games. Ages 3-12 preferred (but this is not set in stone). Bring a prepared dinner for your child.  If no one requests this service by September 15th, I am letting them off the hook, so if you’re thinking about it, get right on that. $10/kid/hour. Side note: If you have a breastfeeding infant and want to come to the Paladar, please know that you are more then welcome. It can get loud, but most of the time babies hear that as white noise. We also have options available for private breastfeeding, if preferred.

Thanks to all of the generous Paladar members who have chosen to participate in the quest to lower the seat prices at Polly’s Paladar! The first goal is to generate $1000/month using the patronage platform, PATREON.COM. We are 10% funded! This income will go directly toward making seat prices lower which will open up the supper club experience to more people. The costs are rising! Consider giving us as little as $1/month.  Read this: If 17% of followers who love Polly’s Paladar (in all of our platforms combined) gave $1/month, we could lower prices dramatically.  That is incredibly do-able!   There are some great rewards as well. Patrons can hear interviews recorded with past chefs, see menus before anyone else, get a free beverage at Paladars, and even grab some house-made shrubs.  We also have a reward to receive VIP access to early ticket releases! Also, for the die-hards, we have a tier giving automatic seats and drinks to every Paladar as long as the donation is active!
No Phone Policy:
A word about phones. I use mine a lot. Too much, perhaps. The argument for or against is a mute point as far as I am concerned. However, the reasoning behind wishing for an interpersonal connection and a desire for my guests to completely relax in the present moment when they are at my supper club holds water. I will do my job and hire the photographer to take the pretty pictures. I will promote the Paladar as best I can during an event, and I want you to do the same. Food aficionados take photos of their meals. It’s fun. It’s real. It’s a thing. I get it. I love it when the supper club is tagged on someone’s social media because it gives me a chance to view their experience from their perspective. In over six years, I have been blessed to sit at one Paladar long ago, and it was terrific! I want to propose not necessarily a
“no-phone zone,” but perhaps a “less phone zone.” Give it a try! It’s okay to keep the mystery alive at Polly’s Paladar!


Instagram Seat Contest:
Win two seats to #50MILESPALADAR by following these rules:

1. Follow us on Instagram at @pollyspaladar.

2. Tag as many friends as you want in the comments. You get your name in the hat for EACH one!

3. For extra credit, #regram this photo to your account and your entries DOUBLE! Remember to add the hashtag, #pollyspaladarseatcontest so that I can see it! If you have a private page and I can’t see it, DM me.

If you see this on any other social media platform other than Instagram, pop on over, because this is where the contest is. Comments on #twitter or #facebook will NOT count!
The seats are a $160 value! Taxes and fees do not apply, but they don’t add up to THAT much either. This unique dining event is going to be super fun! Ready, set, go!





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