Our beloved Chef Tom Bevitori is coming out of his culinary retirement to celebrate SEVEN years of Paladars, and we could not be more giddy about it. Tom came to us first in the year 2015 with a Paladar he coined “Elegance.” The menu was just that. Two years later, he captained another decadent Paladar, a crab feast entitled “In a Pinch” (referencing the menu but also about the event benefitting our local homeless shelter), filling the tables with a baffling assemblage of perfection. Neither of those events, long forgotten. We can almost still taste them. Scrolling through files of the past, I found that the crab feast sold out so fast that I didn’t even bother sending out an invitation! Even this one is closing in on the halfway point. Tom is open-hearted, gentle, and dedicated to spoiling each of you. Every Paladar Tom creates is a love song, and in an unprecedented turn of events, we will be welcoming ALL DIETARY PREFERENCES. Go ahead. Give us your best shot. Tom is someone who, all too well, understands a restrictive diet. This Paladar is his gift to you and, I believe, a personal challenge to himself.

He’s bringing along some friends also. The legendary Brett Shady will croon at you while your hearts heed the artwork of renowned tattooist Cory Norris. Lastly, we are now donating to the California Heritage Indigenous Research Project. The Nisenan tribe, native to Nevada City, is working toward recognition with the federal government, an all too overdue acknowledgment taken away from them in the 1960s. I have personally wanted to work with them for years, and now am incredibly honored to have the chance to raise awareness of their strenuous efforts righting an injustice that seems all too wrong. So there you have it. French-inspired culinary treasures, awe-inducing art, sweet songs, and a benefit for those who were here first. All in one dinner and seven years strong. Join us for Saveur.

About Chef Tom Bevitori:
Tom grew up in Nevada City. This place molded him. I would go so far as to say that Chef Peter Selaya formed him. If you ask Tom anything about his beloved mentor, actual tears well up in his eyes. You can taste the adoration. Even still, he left New Moon Cafe in 2005 to cook in Portland, Oregon. Tom was inspired working for a James Beard awarded chef, Paul Klitsie at Fratelli. Then, he moved on to such places as Castagna and hit the culinary underbelly, for a while there, flipping eggs in various breakfast joints (Pine State Biscuits and Bread And Ink Cafe). It was hard and fast labor. Something of a rite of passage. “Breakfast cooks are warriors… I like the passion, not the grind,” says Tom. He eventually made his way back to the light and worked at his favorite restaurant in Portland. At Navarre, the food was so good and simple. I believed in everyone who worked there and every dish that left that beautiful kitchen.” These days, Tom apprentices under the great Cory Norris at Classic Tattoo in Grass Valley. You can find him there most days or with his equally talented wife, Kellen raising their beautiful boy, Vito. Last summer, Tom mentioned wanting to do another Paladar, and it got pushed all the way into 2019, but I believe there is a sound reason for that. I can’t think of a better way to bring in celebrating seven years of supper club deliciousness than with one of our most treasured friends at the helm.

About Brett Shady:
Brett Shady is a singer/songwriter based out of Nevada City, California. His unique form of Americana, blends waltzing-country, folk-strumming, pop-melodies, 1950s balladry, and Indie-Pop. Brett actively participates with notable independent artists, Little Wings, and Golden Shoulders and has shared the stage with the likes of Chris Isaak and Jeff Bridges. He began writing songs after years of singing for various bands during his teens and 20s. “I was all over the place, musically,” Shady says, “My childhood was spent listening mostly to 50s & 60s compilation cassettes I would buy at K-Mart. The artists that stuck out to me when I was a kid were Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, the Fleetwoods, stuff like that. Very poppy, melodic.” After high school, he studied opera for five years. Shady adds, “that was just about the time I was discovering punk. I would sing Italian arias and then scream along to Minor Threat. I guess it was a weird mix, but I loved them both equally.” Shady soon formed a cheery pop-punk band with his friends called Badical Turbo Radness, where he got his first taste of songwriting. After a decade in Los Angeles, Shady had more or less given up on music, but Adam Kline asked him to come along on an acoustic cross-country tour with The Golden Shoulders. Brett agreed and, upon returning home, became determined to give music one more shot. He took his tax refund check, bought a digital 8-track recorder, and started recording what would become his first album, The Devil To Pay. His second album is called National Hotel.

About Cory Norris:
Cory Norris was just three years old when he first picked up a paintbrush. Both his parents were artists, so there was never a shortage of art supplies around the house. From that point on, Norris’ passion for art only seemed to grow. He took art classes while attending Union Hill Elementary School and Nevada Union High School, but he didn’t hit his stride until he moved to Santa Cruz at the age of 19. While taking art courses at Cabrillo College, Norris happened to sit near a classmate who was a tattoo artist. “He liked my artwork,” said Norris. “He asked if I was interested in being an apprentice and offered to set me up with the proper training. Tattooing requires apprenticing. Beyond the art, you’ve got to learn the technical side.” After learning the basics of the art form, Norris dropped out of college, which he still claims is the best decision he ever made. But he knew he still had a lot to learn, so he began researching some of the best tattoo artists in the country. In February 1998, Norris opened his shop, Classic Tattoo, above Long’s Bottle Shop on Colfax Avenue in Grass Valley. Again demonstrating his unparalleled work ethic, Norris spent yet another year working seven days a week. It paid off. The more tattoos Norris created, the more people saw his extraordinary work. Thanks to his background as an accomplished oil painter, he quickly became known for his brilliant colors and ability to mix inks to create that perfect hue. But business took off once he began attending tattoo conventions around the state. His immaculate shop is located on South Church Street in downtown Grass Valley.

About C.H.I.R.P.:
CALIFORNIA HERITAGE: INDIGENOUS RESEARCH PROJECT (CHIRP) was created to research, document, preserve, and protect California Indigenous Nisenan culture. As an essential first task, CHIRP has been following the history and stories of the Foothill Nisenan people of the Nevada City Rancheria, and has played an important role in the re-introduction of the Nisenan people to the non-native community now residing in the Nisenan homelands of the Bear and Yuba river watersheds, especially in Nevada County where the Nisenan once had a federally recognized reservation. CHIRP lead efforts to restore the Nisenan exhibit at the Firehouse No.1 museum in Nevada City, California, where some of the last remaining Nisenan Tribal artifacts are archived and available for public viewing. CHIRP continues to support the Nisenan in their quest to re-establish themselves as the Indigenous people in the foothills where their families have resided for thousands of years. CHIRP’s area of influence is mainly the counties of Sierra, Yuba, Sutter, Nevada, Placer, and Butte.

On a few more personal notes:

Thanks to all of the generous Paladar members who have chosen to participate in the quest to lower the seat prices at Polly’s Paladar! The first goal is to generate $1000/month using the patronage platform, PATREON.COM. We are 10% funded! This income goes directly toward making seat prices lower which opens up the supper club experience to more people. The costs are rising! Consider giving us as little as $1/month. Read this: If 17% of followers who love Polly’s Paladar (in all of our platforms combined) gave $1/month, we could lower prices dramatically. That is incredibly do-able! There are some great rewards as well. Patrons can hear interviews recorded with past chefs, see menus before anyone else, get a free beverage at Paladars, and even grab some house-made shrubs. We also have a reward to receive VIP access to early ticket releases! Also, for the die-hards, we have a tier giving automatic seats and drinks to every Paladar as long as the donation is active!

A word about phones. The reasoning behind wishing for an interpersonal connection and a desire for guests to completely relax in the present moment when they are at the supper club holds water. The photographer takes the pretty pictures. The guests eat. Food aficionados take photos of their meals. It is fun. It is real. It is a thing. For this one night, power the phone down. Give it a try! It is okay to keep the mystery alive at Polly’s Paladar!


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