There will be NO PALADAR ON MAY 10TH & 11TH, 2019. Stay tuned for future date announcements.

Dear Paladarians,

I write this note on the Monday after our last Paladar with chefs Steve Joo and Julya Shin of Nokni in Oakland, California.  I had a beautiful weekend with every one of you. It felt heartwarming and heart-opening to share the work of these two striving towards perfecting their (already perfect in my world) craft. I want to “publicly” take a moment in this newsletter to send them my gratitude for taking a chance on us. Some of you may recall when I mentioned how impressive it is to watch a guest chef drop into a completely foreign cooking environment (tools, dishes, and all) and then endure with such high-quality cuisine. It’s nothing short of miraculous! So, if you’re reading this, Steve & Julya, please accept this deep bow of gratitude for how you persisted in Nevada City this last weekend. We are all the better for it.

I am also writing this on the devastating day when Notre Dame burned, and I am, like probably most of you, contemplating the impermanence of it all. I draw comparisons to my own life as we do. What I keep coming back to is how everything is changing. The earth is changing, politics are changing, and how we think about each other is changing. Today, my home was enriched with six young men and women (my daughter had her “squad” over to hang out. Full disclosure, I love teenagers) and as I watched an 800-year-old relic fall away, I turned my awareness to these kids. I don’t mind the change, but you will also find me striving to ensure the shift is for good. For the good of all, but especially for the good of them. So, with my life as Keeper of a Supper Club, I vow to stand guard at the top of this Nevada City institution like a super witchy and “at attention” gargoyle making sure the change happens for the good of these youthful souls inheriting it all. Polly’s Paladar may not compare well with ancient Parisian architecture, but from where I stand, I can see the vast foundation, and it is unburnable. How’s that for a super dramatic segway?

One of the ways we will facilitate the good change this month is to partner with 4 Elements Earth Education (that you can read about below). I want more people to live closer to the earth.  I want to support the teachers who spread this ancient message. If we can be of service to organizations enriching the lives of anyone, but especially of children, then I’m 1000% in. I know so many kids who have benefitted from time spent at Foxwalkers. I’ve heard so many beautiful stories of how it changed their walking on the earth; how their tiny feet literally moved their bodies through land differently. I love it. So, with that, please join us for an elevated Israeli cuisine Paladar on Mother’s Day weekend benefitting 4 Elements Earth Education with celebrated Reno area chef duo, Whitney & Josh Deri of Blend Catering Reno. Ohev is an extraordinary dinner event not to miss.

See you at the table,
Megan Hart


About Whitney & Josh Deri of BLEND:
Josh and Whitney come to Polly’s Paladar through our dear guest chef Andrew Bui who flawlessly executed the 6th Anniversary Vietnamese Paladar back in February of 2017. Andrew and Josh not only attended culinary school together, but Josh was paramount in behind the scenes support for Andrew from over the hill in Reno. We are thrilled to welcome BLEND after all this time. In preparation for this event and (inevitably) many more in their professional journey, Josh and Whitney have just returned from a month-long culinary immersion in Israel where they have not only found renewed passion for their food but also in their mission of sharing specific dishes more innately accurate to the Israeli experience. Ohev comes from the Hebrew root aleph-hei-vet, which means “to love.” They decided early on to name their Paladar after the very notion that brought them together.Whitney and Josh started Blend after falling in love at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Upon graduating, they trekked across the country to work tireless hours under envelope-pushing chefs in Napa Valley and San Francisco. They are happy to call the Greater Reno Tahoe area their home, as the region is brimming with culinary possibilities and evolving in exciting ways. They have loved bringing their experience to this revival and building valuable partnerships with other movers and shakers in the community to bring clients unparalleled experiences in food, drink and the celebration of life’s most delicious moments. Along their food journey, they have experienced a little bit of everything. They have even operated a food truck—a hot, humid, cramped food truck. The food was tasty, and the atmosphere was challenging, but it was not entirely up their ally. Whitney & Josh are people-people who enjoy celebrations, special events, group dinners and other gatherings where friends, family, co-workers, and strangers get together to share an experience. They like working a variety of events; it keeps their ideas and menus fresh. It is the people, the variety and the great food they get to create keeping them inspired!

About 4 Elements Earth Education:
4 Elements Earth Education provides programs that introduce Earth skills which are a blend of the ancient arts of tracking, wilderness survival, and nature awareness.  Our curriculum and well-trained instructors give children, teens, and adults the first-hand experience of how to “read” the landscape as stewards of the Earth. Through our programs, a re-thinking of our relationship to nature begins to occur; nature is not simply a “resource” that we control as a product, but a relationship we must cultivate.  Our award-winning programs for youth are called Fox Walkers and was voted one of the top two rated After School and Summer programs by Parents through Parents Resource Guide.STAY TUNED AS WE ADD MORE COMMUNITY ENRICHING ELEMENTS TO THIS EVENT.

Amani Mudd (16) and Bella Davis (15) are two of the best teenagers on planet Earth. They are both available to babysit at ANY seating. I repeat, ANY SEATING! Please email [email protected] to request this extra service for the kiddos. Dine downstairs, and right upstairs, your little one/s are in the land of fun and games. Ages 3-12 preferred (but this is not set in stone). Bring a prepared dinner for your child.  If no one requests this service by MAY 3RD, I am letting them off the hook, so if you are thinking about it, get right on that. $10/kid/hour. Side note: If you have a breastfeeding infant and want to come to the Paladar, please know that you are more then welcome. It can get loud, but most of the time babies hear that as white noise. We also have options available for private breastfeeding, if preferred.INSTAGRAM SEAT CONTEST:
Win two seats to #ohevpaladar  by following these rules:

1. Follow us on Instagram at @pollyspaladar.

2. Tag as many friends as you want in the comments of the appropriate photo. You’ll know the one when you see it. You get your name in the hat for EACH one!

3. For extra credit, #regram this photo to your account and your entries DOUBLE! Remember to add the hashtag, #pollyspaladarseatcontest so that I can see it! If you have a private page and I cannot see it, DM me.

If you see this on any other social media platform other than Instagram, pop on over, because this is where the contest is. Comments on #twitter or #facebook DO NOT count!
The seats are a $160 value! Taxes and fees do not apply, but they do not add up to THAT much either. This unique dining event is going to be super fun! Ready, set, go!



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