BLUSH: A Color Exploration.

A Natural Dying Workshop with Lucia LaFerme.

In this class, we will be learning about how plants and minerals express themselves through color, and how we can play with that color on fiber.

Using locally and organically grown and harvested flowers and fragrant herbs, we will first create a bundle dye on two silk scarves, making prints from the leaves and flowers.

While those are cooking, we will play with the blush from avocado using locally drawn waters. For this part of the class, you are asked to bring one or two small items you’d like to turn a peachy/pink color. These could be new or something you’ve had a while. A tank top or a bra, undies, socks, a bandana, but it’s important that whatever you bring is of natural fiber – cotton, hemp, linen, or silk. There can be a small (1%) of stretch in the fiber, but none is best, and a more open weave fiber will allow for more saturation.

The class size will be 12 people, be 3-4 hours in length, and we will provide refreshments. The cost is $108.

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For more about Lucia and her work, click HERE

*Plans are in the works to establish a “drop-off” for articles of clothing (a few days ahead, to a specific location) you may want to dye at the workshop. They need to be prepped for the dye and that takes time and again, they need to consist of 100% natural fibers. No artificial fibers like nylon or any synthetics.

For our students, the continuing education workshops at Polly’s Paladar aim to be much more than meets the eye. What we hope to impart is a chance for curious learners to gather with a purpose. Of course, we want to enrich our lives and gain experience by engaging with those who we may not otherwise have chances to in our busy days, but we also want to give pause to the seemingly endless grind.

Our classes are soulful and luxurious. We want you to feel like a guest at a Paladar but activated in the exercise of learning. You depart with the skills and understanding to continue these practices on your own, but most importantly, you’ll leave all loved up with delicious YOU TIME.