Our Chefs

Chef is a heavy word. People who spend their lives in the food industry, most likely, have staunch opinions about the term. We know what it means and we know the message it can hold. We chose to use the term irreverently for many reasons and probably anger hard core traditionalists in doing so. C'est la vie. Chefs come to Polly's Paladar in many different ways. We operate primarily by the seat of our pants with a solid criteria to hold us up in the ever changing waters of the culinary world. These innovative and courageous chefs sometimes travel from far places and step right into the Paladar world and sometimes they are right here among us locals quietly cooking genius. To all of our brave men and women who become Paladar chefs, we salute you.

  • Evan Scott

  • Evan Scott has been with Polly’s Paladar since its inception. He has served in literally every capacity. Winning the top score in the 2nd Annual Great Paladar Cook-Off Primary, he solidified his place in the top three. None of this comes as a surprise. Evan has worked in kitchens for decades. Most notably, Evan trained under Chef Kaoru Suzuki, of Sushi in the Raw in Nevada City and remains his only sous who has ever “flown solo” at the restaurant’s front bar. A Nevada City kid, Evan spent the first ten years of his working life in our local restaurant kitchens. Starting out at South Pine Cafe, and short stops at Cirinos and Nevada City Classic Cafe, he then worked under Ike Frazee at Ike’s Quarter Cafe. Ike’s provided Evan with his first real introduction to true from scratch cooking. After a couple of years there he moved to Sushi In The Raw to work under chef Kaoru “Ru” Suzuki as mentioned above. Five years later he decided it was time for a change and chose a career in arboriculture. Although very content as a tree climber he’s never been able to completely leave the beautiful chaos of kitchen work behind.  He spent some time working at New Moon Cafe under Peter Salaya and continues to help out with various local catering companies. He has also been a frequent member of the Paladar staff throughout the years. Polly’s is actually where he met the love of his life, his wife and mother of his child, Sasha.


    Evan Scott’s sold out Paladar credits as head chef include:

    Omakase, a sushi Paladar in 2012

    For the Love of Food, a California cuisine Paladar in 2013

    Umami, another sushi Paladar in 2015

  • Anna Mudd

  • To say that her strategy for learning about food is anything short of remarkable would be an understatement. Anna Mudd has been the Professor of Dishwashington University for so many years, we’ve lost count. She OWNS that dish pit. When she scored the third place in the 2nd Annual Great Paladar Cook-Off, we all rejoiced! She has observed nearly every guest chef in our kitchens and her winning entree proved it.

    Anna is a wild entrepreneur and home cook extraordinaire. She aims to convey the abundance and subtleties of local landscapes, wild and cultivated, in her culinary explorations. Anna learns by doing, and will gleefully try anything new – like fermenting mushrooms, or catching a boat to Alaska for a summer of salmon fishing. Currently, Anna is a beekeeper working with Golden West Bees in Nevada County and also works under the tutelage of pastry chef David Rodriguez at Watershed at the Owl.

  • Jesse Hanshaw

  • Jesse’s Paladar Credits:

    This Little Piggy, a pork inspired Paladar in 2012

    Flip the Bird, a anti-Thanksgiving Paladar in 2015