Our Chefs

Chef is a heavy word. People who spend their lives in the food industry, most likely, have staunch opinions about the term. We know what it means and we know the message it can hold. We chose to use the term irreverently for many reasons and probably anger hard core traditionalists in doing so. C'est la vie. Chefs come to Polly's Paladar in many different ways. We operate primarily by the seat of our pants with a solid criteria to hold us up in the ever changing waters of the culinary world. These innovative and courageous chefs sometimes travel from far places and step right into the Paladar world and sometimes they are right here among us locals quietly cooking genius. To all of our brave men and women who become Paladar chefs, we salute you.

  • Jes Taber

  • A Nevada County native and the founder of Eye of The Avocado Catering, Jes Taber, is currently based in San Francisco. There, in the city by the bay, she caters events, large and small all around Northern California. Her food is from the heart, rustic, real, herb centered, lemon-soaked & mouth watering delicious. Real food made from love. She is an avid nourishing traditions enthusiast, specializing in bone broths and cooking with good fats, local vegetables and quality pasture raised meats.

    She has worked for such destination spots as Tartine Bakery, Bi-Rite Market, Blue Bottle Coffee, Three Forks Bakery + Brewery. Upon her move back to San Francisco she ran an impressive food program for the famed biodynamic wine bar Terroir Natural Wine, where she made the delectable Mediterranean influenced tapas for which they became famous. Upon leaving Terroir, Jes established herself in the San Francisco pop-up food scene with her infamous organic egg sandwich “The Roy G. Bev Sandi.” which gained a massive following and the attention of EaterSF, TimeOut & Urban Daddy.

    Jes was head chef at Polly’s Paladar for “Like Water for Chocolate” and “Ci Mangiamo.” Take a stroll down memory lane through our photo albums to view her sweet, sweet cuisine and then head over to the archives at KVMR and listen to her radio program aptly titled, Room Temperature Butter. Check out her work here at Eye of the Avocado!