Our Chefs

Chef is a heavy word. People who spend their lives in the food industry, most likely, have staunch opinions about the term. We know what it means and we know the message it can hold. We chose to use the term irreverently for many reasons and probably anger hard core traditionalists in doing so. C'est la vie. Chefs come to Polly's Paladar in many different ways. We operate primarily by the seat of our pants with a solid criteria to hold us up in the ever changing waters of the culinary world. These innovative and courageous chefs sometimes travel from far places and step right into the Paladar world and sometimes they are right here among us locals quietly cooking genius. To all of our brave men and women who become Paladar chefs, we salute you.

  • Jordan Grosser

  • Jordan’s passion and prowess in the kitchen was evident early in his career.

    Assuming the role of sous-chef at La Soliel of Tucson. His career pursuits brought him to San Francisco in 2004 where he worked at Azie. After a stint at Campton Place and Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio where Jordan quickly propelled to the esteemed role of Chef De Cuisine at this San Francisco fine-dining institution, he joined Ted Fluery as co-executive chefs at Alembic (Where they worked with Ethan Terry of Bon Vivants as well).  Jordan Grosser helped to first launched Stag Dining Group in December of 2010.  In their mission statement, Grosser defines the heart and soul of their work not by the question of “why”, but “why not?”  Their clandestine suppers are nationally known, lusted after, and delicious. They have been given accolades by: 7X7 Magazine, The Silentist, Refinery 29, San Fransisco Magazine, Behance, Thrillest, Clean Pates, The Bold Italic, Ewallstreeter, SF Weekly, Champagne and Heels, Umami Mart, SF Chronicle, The Styley, Sf Bay Guardian, and Urbandaddy… to name a few. Stag holds dinner parties on battleships, inside Heath Ceramics, the Bold Italic Headquarters, legendary hotels with legendary people like Jacques Pepin, they have them at shooting ranges and in vineyards…. and they have them at Polly’s Paladar.