Anna Mudd

To say that her strategy for learning about food is anything short of remarkable would be an understatement. Anna Mudd has been the Professor of Dishwashington University for so many years, we’ve lost count. She OWNS that dish pit. When she scored the third place in the 2nd Annual Great Paladar Cook-Off, we all rejoiced! She has observed nearly every guest chef in our kitchens and her winning entree proved it.

Anna is a wild entrepreneur and home cook extraordinaire. She aims to convey the abundance and subtleties of local landscapes, wild and cultivated, in her culinary explorations. Anna learns by doing, and will gleefully try anything new – like fermenting mushrooms, or catching a boat to Alaska for a summer of salmon fishing. Currently, Anna is a beekeeper working with Golden West Bees in Nevada County and also works under the tutelage of pastry chef David Rodriguez at Watershed at the Owl.

Dinners that Anna Mudd has been apart of:


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