Ashly Amador

The obsession with food and the company it keeps started at an early age for Ashly.

Her best memories involve food. The first was the time she tasted smoked cheese and gravalox with her dad. The time she went on a day trip with her grandparents along the coast of southern California where she experienced her first bite of a scallop. The gatherings every Friday when her grandmother would cook mole, rice, and beans, while everyone drank, laughed and danced. These kind of stories were a constant throughout her memories of childhood and young adulthood. ¬†Young adulthood came around and the pressures of choosing a college/ profession, were stressful, so instead, Ashly graduated high school and went backpacking in Europe. Returning from her travels and still feeling lost, ‘once again it was the food and the company it keeps,’ that held her fondest memories. Ashly realized her profession had to involve food. In 2002 she enrolled in culinary school in San Francisco. After graduating culinary school, Ashly worked throughout the bay area, and Southern California. She would not be where she is today without the skills and knowledge gained from the restaurants, but it is her weird obsession, passion, palate, feelings, and memories for food that have brought her to this place at Watershed.

Dinners that Ashly Amador has been apart of:

The New American Cuisine of Watershed Restaurant and Bar.


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