Jesse Koide

Jesse Koide is the chef/founder of Pink Zebra, a San Francisco based pop-up restaurant.

His vast level of skill and experience in restaurants has taken him from pot wash, to sushi counter, and on to becoming head chef. His cuisine can be described as ‘Mediterrasian’, drawing from his love of Italian flavors and his disciplined roots in Japanese kitchens. This has resulted in a deep, umami rich, and technique-driven style that is genuine, curious, playful, and a bit rough around the edges, much like him. Pink Zebra was named one of the “Top 25 New Restaurants” by Bon Appetit and “Best New Pop Up Dinner” by the SF Weekly, both in 2015. As former head chef of Mission Chinese SF, Jesse has a massive fan base.  He has hosted Pink Zebra dinners at Namu Gaji, as well as events at various other locations in San Francisco.  Jesse’s dinner at Polly’s Paladar this spring was our second into our 5th year.  He had our guests totally amazed at what he was able to pull off in each dish. He currently works at Kamu Sushi + Sake in San Francisco.

Dinners that Jesse Koide has been apart of:

A sustainable seafood forward feast to benefit the Yuba River.


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