Nate Overstreet

A native to Nevada City, Nate started his career dishwashing as a teenager in the small kitchens of Nevada City and Grass Valley.

As he moved up the ranks, what began as a job to pay for beer quickly turned into a lifestyle and obsession. Nate was prompted to move to San Diego and attend culinary school where the work in fine-dining began. Though he learned an extensive amount of technique and kitchen etiquette by working in those high-pressure establishments, he felt it not quite fitting to his style of cooking. The next best step was to get closer to the food by working directly with the people who were growing and raising it. ¬†Though it is now a standard in most areas at that time, the Bay Area was the epicenter for “Farm to Table” cuisine. ¬†His time in the Bay Area was well-spent diving into every aspect of cooking he could get his hands on, from the bistro and more fine dining to whole animal butcher shops and Charcuteries.

Dinners that Nate Overstreet has been apart of:

The New American Cuisine of Watershed Restaurant and Bar.


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