Rosemary Fisher

Little Rosie always had food in her hands. From picking berries in the garden to sneaking spoonfuls of sauce, the girl loved to eat.

Eating was something that her maternal grandmothers adored about her; while other cousins might have been a little squeamish about certain delicacies coming out of Grandma Pearl’s kitchen, Rose was the first to dig in. As she matured, so did her interest in food. At a certain point, Rose recognized that a fine arts degree was far less appealing than the glamorous life of a professional cook (which is a hilarious joke, obviously), so she executed an about-face to follow the food. Treated to a crash course in the restaurant world at Cafe Fanny (Berkeley), Mead Hall (Boston, where Rose cut her teeth as the youngest and only female member of the team), as sous chef at Town Hall (SF), and chef de partie at Lazy Bear (SF), Rose had hit her stride. So even when circumstance drew her away from the Michelin world faster than she may have liked, the stars were nevertheless aligned. From there, Rose went on to Ramen Shop, a Chez Panisse affiliate, and then magically to Nevada City where she has already cooked in the kitchen of New Moon Cafe and is currently bartending at the Stonehouse.

Dinners that Rosemary Fisher has been apart of:

A Russian Feast in honor of Kikimora, a Slavic spirit of the hearth and home.