Sean Dockery

Growing up in Northern California, Sean Dockery developed a sense of identity and place connected to the region.  At the same time, having spent time in Europe and South America, Sean has been influenced by the sense culinary identity found  in these many regions around the world. 

Sean received a degree in Environmental Science from Humboldt State University, where he studied permaculture, local economy, and sustainable food systems. Sean studied charcuterie and butchery at DOPO restaurant in Oakland, before starting work at their sister restaurant, Adesso, where Sean cooked for years before moving back to Nevada County. 

Sean is currently the ‘pizza chef’ at 3 forks, where he butchers whole animals, makes in house charuterie, and develops weekly changing menus based on local, seasonal ingredients. 

Sean’s culinary inspiration is driven by how it connects us to place and time.

Dinners that Sean Dockery has been apart of:

A whole hog, hyper regional feast.