Shane Thomas

With roots in Southern and Northern California, Shane’s love for the best coast comes across in his food.

 He’s got that classic, bright, whimsical, Californian vibe that translates directly to flavor. Bent on working with local and seasonal ingredients, Shane insists that food doesn’t need to be gussied up. I think we can all agree on that. Finding the proper ingredient and allowing it to stand for itself is every true chef’s goal. Shane Thomas is no exception.  The most perfect tomato on earth can be a soloist and in all her glory define a dish. What a diva. Chef Shane Thomas’s food is earthy, vivid, and succulent.  Each handmade morsel beams with pride. You can taste the attention to detail. You can taste the dignity that grew from the humble beginnings of flour and water. You can taste the love.


Having graduated from The International Culinary Center and hailed as the school wide Iron Chef, Shane knows how to curate a dish.  He’s been trained to plate each player to compose a flawless feast. It is a dinner and a show all rolled into one shiny raviolo.  After school, he ventured off to create menus for a small cafe in San Francisco called Heartbaker, an adorable breakfast and brunch spot. During which, he found a mentor in Chris Cosentino, season 4 winner of Top Chef Masters.  This led Shane to Porcellino, a new Italian restaurant and market (which is actually no longer in operation). Then he worked at Boccalone, an artisan salumi shop located in the infamous San Francisco Ferry Building.


Then, of course, as most cooks eventually do, Shane left the restaurant culture and began to land gigs as a private chef in the city. He worked for Feastly, a central marketplace based in San Francisco – where chefs connect with adventurous eaters in a “supper club” like environment.  Now he actually utilizes the Feastly platform for what it was made for! 

Dinners that Shane Thomas has been apart of:

Italian Cuisine


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