Tutku Tezveren

Tutku Tezveren was born in Ankara, Turkey. Growing up in a household of passionate chefs, including her mom and her uncle, Tutku’s childhood was steeped in the aromas and flavors of the nuanced, unique Mediterranean and Aegean traditions of Turkish cuisine.

Food has been the most significant foundational aspect in Tutku’s life, bringing all of the family together in conversation, timeless sharing, music, poetry, and spiritual connection. Tutku’s deep love for the Art of Eating evolved organically into combining experiences of physical nourishment with spiritual nourishment, pairing music, poetry and even meditation with her conscious cooking. Thus, she weaves the fundamental expressions of life into a form of ritual, carrying her lineage and stories to the hearts of her community. With the intention of invoking passion and deeper common connection, she has combined her creations and launched “Tutku’s Mezes – an Organic Intimate Catering” company based in Nevada City, CA where she currently resides.

Dinners that Tutku Tezveren has been apart of:

A Turkish Cuisine and Cultural Experience