Zack Perszyk

Their daughter Aiya is now the 5th generation born to these hills.  Alana and Zack met in San Francisco and it was love at first sight. Then, Zack fell in love with Nevada County and community right away as well.

Zack’s passion is food. The sound of boiling water, the steam rising, the smells around the produce and meat all give him total contentment. Every aspect of cooking and, food in general, hold romance and he specializes in creating amazing dishes through taste, texture, and presentation… hey, when you love food, you love food.

Zack was sous chef in Virginia at the Clyde’s Restaurant Group and in Oakland at Ozumo. He has even spent time as a solo chef at a bed and breakfast in Michigan called the Henderson Castle and was chef at Zazios in Kalamazoo.  He graduated with a Culinary Arts Degree from L’Acadamie de Cuisine in 2007 and now he lives here.  I am pleased to welcome Zack into the Paladar Familia and at such an important time for all of us.

Dinners that Zack Perszyk has been apart of:

Five year anniversary Paladar with food of the prohibition .


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