Art by Sheila Cameron. Live Music with Isadora. Proceeds to the Child Advocates of Nevada County, Sponsored by Wheyward Girl Creamery, The Olive Groove, and The Wooden Spoon.

Oyster: vodka, dill, Meyer lemon, purslane
Caviar: Chive potato chip, smetka (or tvorog), borage
Pickled herring: Tomato conserva, barley chip, shaved yolk

Pickles: fermented dill, fermented potato, Meyer turnips, sour cabbage, chanterelles

Knish: Sauerkraut, caraway, gold leaf
Cucumber: Dill, Smetana, preserved lemon

Borscht on Black bread
Pelmeni trio: Braised pork, herbed potato, and farmers cheese
Gotlubsky: Beef, cabbage, allium
Stroganoff: Coal roasted roots, egg noodle, porcini, beef tongue

Chak-chak pu’er, pistachio
Macaron: Cinnamon, grapefruit
Petit four Charcoal, rose

Allowable dietary preferences:
Gluten free