Stag Dining Group launched in 2010 when a group of childhood friends united to offer dinner adventures in a nomadic supper club format they called, "The Clandestine Dinner Series." Each of them carried more than enough expertise in their fields that when put together, the group became a superhero team in the culinary world of the bay. Also, at the time, the world was on the cusp of a growing “foodie revolution.” The now common, “pop-up” was a novel approach to meeting the call for unique ways to showcase distinct talents. 

In the midst of their first year of business, SDG developed a great relationship with Adrian Grenier’s SHFT.comwho filmed one of their events featuring Aloe Blaccin the Summer of 2011. That magical evening inspired the folks at to invite Stag to the Sundance Film Festivalthe following winter to work with Ford Motors. Ford was at Sundance to highlight their sustainable materials initiative and tasked SDG to tell that story through food in a supper club environment. What transpired was an enchanting night that starred stories by Peter Glatzerand Adrian Grenier. An unplugged set from Aloe and Joel Van Dijkcomplemented this inspired call to action by Ford’s CTO. The event also carefully knitted Ford’s vision into the dinner using all sustainable and local ingredients from the Salt Lake Valley.

Since then, Stag Dining Group has blossomed into a full-service events company providing experiences for everyone from families to international brands. What remains true to the company’s origins is their dedication to fostering connections between guests in unforgettable environments with excellent cuisine, design, and art. Stag carries a flair for innovation and deep respect for the natural world that they bring to their thematic dinners integrating some of San Francisco’s best food and beverage industry talents along with artisans and artists. Partners include Ram’s Gate Winery, Scribe Winery, Heath Ceramics, Almanac Beer, celebrity chefs Jacques Pépin, Dominique Crenn, and author Hank Shaw.  Even some of the Bay Area’s top companies Instagram, Google, Facebook, and Levi’s call upon the SDG to outfit their events. It has all been such a wild ride!

It was towards the beginning of this journey when Megan intersected their lives with an exciting proposal of serving food in her house in the foothills of the Sierras. For two years, she pleaded, promising adventure, and swearing on her life that it would be worth their time in gold. She watched from afar as they traveled to Sundance, cooked for and with her culinary heroes, and received shout-outs from Anthony Bourdain. Polly’s Paladar had found its stride but perhaps had not a fierce enough gait to convince these boys to head up to Nevada County. Then, on a rainy day in February of 2014, she got the call, and they have been best friends ever since. Mariscos is their fifth Paladar, and we consider ourselves family now.


Shishito peppers, peanut salsa seca

Shrimp Chicharrones and Guacamole

Bivalve Mixto Cocktail 

Cornmeal Crusted Anchovy Caesar, shaved parmesan, cilantro, lime

Tomato and Cucumbers, Queso fresco, red onion, chapulines 

Tacos with Crispy Oregon Bay Shrimp, avocado, sal de gusano, cilantro, finger lime, serrano chile

Mackerel a la Parilla, tomatillo salsa, chipotle-roasted tomato salsa

Fig Leaf Rice Pudding, caramelized fig, honey, rum soaked raisins

Sierra Stitchcraft is a blossoming handmade artist collective based in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Founded, in 2018, by Ayeala and Ryan Beck, the two work primarily with cotton and other natural fibers incorporating reclaimed wood, driftwood, and mixed metals. They create decor for homes, businesses, and events that are vibrant, a bit rustic, and leaning towards the modern boho.  Fiber fashion accessories that allow for the warmth of home to follow through the day are another staple of their work.  The intention to infuse the essence of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in everything they create and share with their community stands at the forefront of their mission.

HEXis a botanical lifestyle boutique offering a vast collection of accessories, gifts, home decor, artisan, wellness, plant-based products, natural body care, essential women’s clothing and more.  Hex believe plants warm the home and the heart, this is why we have focused our shop around botanicals. To spread the love of plants, we have a large selection of unusual indoor house plants for any needs. Plants are the gifts that keep giving! We love sharing the knowledge of plant care. Hex is passionate about using plants to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Sierra Harvestis a non-profit organization with a mission dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting western Nevada County’s families to fresh, local, seasonal foods. Sierra Harvest accomplishes this by offering farm to school programming, supporting farm fresh school meals, mentoring aspiring farmers and gardeners, celebrating our local food community and advocating for just, sustainable and organic food systems.

PATREON! Thanks to all of the generous Paladar members who have chosen to participate in the quest to lower the seat prices at Polly’s Paladar! The first goal is to generate $1000/month using the patronage platform, PATREON.COM. We are 10% funded! This income goes directly toward making seat prices lower which opens up the supper club experience to more people.

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No Phone Zone!  The reasoning behind wishing for an interpersonal connection and a desire for guests to completely relax in the present moment when they are at the supper club holds water. The photographer takes the pretty pictures. The guests eat. Food aficionados take photos of their meals. It’s fun. It’s real. It’s a thing. For this one night, power the phone down.