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May 23, 2019


A Natural Dying Workshop with Lucia LaFerme

Tickets available HERE

April 21, 2019


UPDATE: RESCHEDULED There will be NO PALADAR ON MAY 10TH & 11TH, 2019. Stay tuned for future date announcements. Dear Paladarians, I write this note on the Monday after our last Paladar with chefs Steve Joo and Julya Shin of Nokni in Oakland, California.  I had a beautiful weekend with every one of you. It

April 10, 2019


ABOUT NOKNI….. Here we are well into our 8th year of Polly’s Paladar Supper Club, and  I am honored to host these next two chefs who come to me through my oldest and dearest friend, Amalia Mariño. Amalia was our guest chef at two sold-out Paladars a few years ago (one was Colombian, and the

February 26, 2019


It was late summer last year when I received a mysterious and intriguing direct message beckoning me to a special dinner by a woman named Tutku. We had met in passing at the Paladar, but never formally, and I never turn down an invitation to a secret supper, so I decided to go! It IS

February 22, 2019


Our beloved Chef Tom Bevitori is coming out of his culinary retirement to celebrate SEVEN years of Paladars, and we could not be more giddy about it. Tom came to us first in the year 2015 with a Paladar he coined “Elegance.” The menu was just that. Two years later, he captained another decadent Paladar,